Antico Podere Cavozzoli Olive Oil

With oils being one of the cookery school's passions; we've teamed up with Antico Podere Cavozolli in Tuscany, one of the finest olive oil makers. We absolutely love their products and highly recommend them, the olive oil is entirely different to anything you could buy in a supermarket and it will completely change the way you view and appreciate oils. Here's some info about their farm: 

The farm was established in 1951 when Gino Guidarini and Disma Dinelli spent their limited savings on a small piece of land in Montecatini Alto. They originally came from the small mountain villages of Trentino and Canevare, on the Emilian side of the Apennines—an area which became infamous for the Gothic Line during the Second World War. After the war they were forced to leave their home villages, which had become hostile and dangerous, and they made Valdinievole their new home.

Over time, the hard work of Gino and Disma meant that the farm grew, with new olive trees planted and drainage works completed. At the same time, their knowledge and experience of cultivating olive trees and producing oil grew. Since 1951, the farming methods and techniques for producing oil have changed radically, but high quality olive oil and respect for the environment have always remained at the heart of the business. Gino and Disma’s grandchildren Francesco, Giacomo and Alessandro now run the farm, using the knowledge passed down to them to produce extraordinary olive oil.


What is Transparent Farming? For us, it means welcoming people to come and see first-hand how we run the farm. We are here to answer your questions and give you a taste of the work that goes into cultivating olives and using them to produce the finest quality extra virgin olive oil.

From pruning to harvesting, fertilisation, working the land, organic land management and olive pressing – you can take part in all these processes and gain direct insight into the quality and commitment at the root of each and every bottle of Cavozzoli Oil.

We hope to give you the chance to truly understand the value of our produce. We strongly believe that our products should be proof of the love and passion with which we work the land. Our farming methods aim to protect people and the environment; our approach goes above and beyond the standard guidelines for organic farming.

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